Some Notes to the "Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Migration Toolkit (BETA)"

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Erstellt am Freitag, 26. Juni 2015 Geschrieben von Stefan Horz

In May 2015 Microsoft released the "Microsoft System Center Orchestrator Migration Toolkit (BETA)".
Today it consists of two tools: "Integration Pack Converter” and "Standard Activities module”. The "Runbook Converter” which should convert Orchestrator Runbooks for import into graphical Runbooks in Azure Automation should be available soon.

OMT 1 components

The public download is available here:

Integration Pack Converter

The Integration Pack Converter converts Integration Packs (IPs) that were created with Orchestrator Integration Toolkit (OIT) to Windows PowerShell based Integration Modules for import to Azure Automation or Service Management Automation.


If you select an IP from the "System Center 2012 R2 - Orchestrator Integration Packs” to convert you get this error:

OMT 3 IPC Error.

Yes … there are already PowerShell modules for those. So, lets select an IP we created over three years ago with OIT: So I’m sure, this is created with OIT :-)

After selecting the OIP we have to load the dll we created with Commandline Wizard.

OMT 4 IPC SelectActivities

Then you can select the Activities in the Integration Pack that will be converted to cmdlets in the integration module. ("Placeholders are created for Monitor Activities that are not supported in Azure Automation or Service Management Automation (SMA)”)

OMT 5 IPC SelectActivities

The result is a ZIP which can be imported into SMA or Azure Automation:

OMT 6 IPC results

Standard Activities module

For the Orchestrator Standard Activities this is already done:

OMT 6 StandardActivities